May 11, 2007

Your stories: bee keeper for peace

This is the second in a short series of reflections and stories from our Friends for Peace. Please add your stories by filling out a comment below.

Friends for Peace coordinator

Why “bee keeper” for peace?

After I left Meeting, I was trying to think of something to show about myself that would be interesting and fun. I'm a Quaker, a mom, a wife and a lawyer, but my friends find it interesting (and a bit nutty) that I'm also a beekeeper. So I went with that.

What response have you received?

I've sent it to most of my friends and they have been amused but they also get the point. I've been told "that's just insane" but of course they are referring to the beekeeper's hat, not being for peace. A friend sent the picture to his beekeeping friend in the Peace Corps in South America, and it's getting around in the beekeeping community here in the US too.

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Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that I support this war, I support President Bush & sometimes conflict is needed for long term peace.