May 11, 2007

Top ten searches

One of the things that the Friends For peace software allows us to do, is track what search terms are entered into the search field (don't worry, it just saves the terms, not who searched for them). As of this morning there have been more than 5000 searches performed on the Friends For Peace site, and I thought you might be interested in the top 10 searches. Each links to those results so you can see what's so popular.
  1. DC March (although I noticed you get more images from the DC march, if you just search for March. I'll having to figure that one out): 219
  2. Quaker: 172
  3. Carl: 149
  4. swarthmore: 141
  5. Coding: 122
  6. mothers: 99
  7. dog: 95
  8. afsc people: 64
  9. baltimore: 58
  10. YAF: 55
Given the number of people that have searched for Kent state since those images were posted the other day, I expect it will be on the top 10 list soon.

Coding for Peace

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