May 9, 2007

Kent State

This past Friday was the anniversary of the Kent State massacre. During the annual commemoration someone was nice enough to setup a photo-booth to take Friends for Peace pictures. I noticed them arriving on the site a few minutes ago. They were also smart enough to tag them all with “Kent State” making it easy to find them all together. There are more to come, so you might want to check in a couple times to see what’s coming in. Remember you can always find the newest images by going to:

Coding for peace

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Kathy Myrman said...

Thanks Aaron for noticing the Kent State Friends for Peace. The Northeast Ohio office of the American Friends Service Committee was honored to be a part of the May 4th Commemoration. Those who look at the photos will notice our traveling exhibit, Eyes Wide Open Ohio, in the background. If anyone would like more information about Eyes Wide Open, they can contact me, Kathy Myrman, Coordinator, at 330-928-2301 or e-mail: You can also visit our website at

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Photo-op for Peace booth!

Kathy Myrman
Eyes Wide Open Ohio Coordinator
Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee