May 11, 2007

Your stories: West Shore UU's for peace

This is the third in a series of stories from our Friends for Peace.

Friends for Peace coordinator and Red head for Peace

From Pamela in Ohio:

We wanted to celebrate the Network of Spiritual Progressive's Generosity Sunday in a way that included the entire congregation. After service, which was titled "The Things that Make for Peace," we gathered everyone and took the picture.

West Shore is the name of our church and we're Unitarian Universalists.

We played the pictures of others from the website before our church service on April 15th and everyone really enjoyed it.

Your stories: bee keeper for peace

This is the second in a short series of reflections and stories from our Friends for Peace. Please add your stories by filling out a comment below.

Friends for Peace coordinator

Why “bee keeper” for peace?

After I left Meeting, I was trying to think of something to show about myself that would be interesting and fun. I'm a Quaker, a mom, a wife and a lawyer, but my friends find it interesting (and a bit nutty) that I'm also a beekeeper. So I went with that.

What response have you received?

I've sent it to most of my friends and they have been amused but they also get the point. I've been told "that's just insane" but of course they are referring to the beekeeper's hat, not being for peace. A friend sent the picture to his beekeeping friend in the Peace Corps in South America, and it's getting around in the beekeeping community here in the US too.

Your stories: a family for peace

We recently asked people who have posted their photos to the site to share their stories about why they've joined Friends for Peace. Below are just a few responses. More will be coming later this week.

Please feel free to share your stories by commenting on the blog.

Red head for peace
Friends for Peace Coordinator

From Richard in Arizona:

"We are an extended 'family' who all care about bringing about peace now: We are comprised of a grandmother, a daughter, a niece, a son-in-law, and a grandson.

"It is just nice to be a part of a grassroots campaign for peace. Nothing big, nothing special, just people wishing for peace with other people of many diverse backgrounds. Thank you for starting this!"

Top ten searches

One of the things that the Friends For peace software allows us to do, is track what search terms are entered into the search field (don't worry, it just saves the terms, not who searched for them). As of this morning there have been more than 5000 searches performed on the Friends For Peace site, and I thought you might be interested in the top 10 searches. Each links to those results so you can see what's so popular.
  1. DC March (although I noticed you get more images from the DC march, if you just search for March. I'll having to figure that one out): 219
  2. Quaker: 172
  3. Carl: 149
  4. swarthmore: 141
  5. Coding: 122
  6. mothers: 99
  7. dog: 95
  8. afsc people: 64
  9. baltimore: 58
  10. YAF: 55
Given the number of people that have searched for Kent state since those images were posted the other day, I expect it will be on the top 10 list soon.

Coding for Peace

May 9, 2007

Kent State

This past Friday was the anniversary of the Kent State massacre. During the annual commemoration someone was nice enough to setup a photo-booth to take Friends for Peace pictures. I noticed them arriving on the site a few minutes ago. They were also smart enough to tag them all with “Kent State” making it easy to find them all together. There are more to come, so you might want to check in a couple times to see what’s coming in. Remember you can always find the newest images by going to:

Coding for peace

May 2, 2007

Musical Friends for Peace

I have been playing with a program called Soundslides to make slideshows with audio. I thought it would be interesting to use some of the Friends for Peace images with some music. We can use music from the Omnimusic music library thanks to Doug Wood, one of the owners. Doug performed his alternative service with AFSC during the Vietnam war.

So, here's the show.

Photographer for Peace