Jun 29, 2007

4th of July for Peace

As you may have noticed, we have almost reached 1,000 Friends for Peace. We need your help to push the number over 1,000, and 4th of July is the perfect time to do it.

Many of you will be gathering with family and friends, and we encourage you to take photos at your gatherings. What a great way to show a majority for peace in Iraq -- on the 4th of July!

Here are some instructions and helpful hints for taking photos in a group: Photo booth kit. (PDF 1.76 MB) You can download these instructions and print them out.

We hope that everyone has a peaceful holiday and thanks for your support of Friends for Peace.

1 comment:

victory said...

I am a middle class hard working person that is non-partisan. I want only what is best for my nation but having delt with the sub-humans we are fighting from military service I understand why we are at war. YOU DO NOT

You and your organisation is a clear and present danger to the freedom of the united states.

If you wish to where a berka and pray 9 times a day then go ahead and support this organisation as if its wishes come to pass we the U.S will not win the war on terror and radical Islam will spread like a plague.

Your organisation has direct ties to ultra leftest orgs such as the Young communist of America and other violent radical groups such as the ELF. Please keep your signs out of our schools. We do not believe in your radical causes.