Oct 26, 2007

Award-Winning for Peace

The American Friends Service Committee won the best integrated online and off-line e-philanthropy campaign award from the E-Philanthropy Foundation for the Friends for Peace campaign.

Thank you all for supporting Friends for Peace. Seeing your signs and photos -- and donations -- has been inspiring.

Here's a photo of Levana, Aaron, and me holding the hefty glass award AFSC won. (Yep, that's me with the red hair on the left.) Many people worked on this project, including all our volunteer photo moderators and photographers. This award is all of ours.


Project Coordinator for Peace

1 comment:

onewisewoman said...

I support most organizations that focus on a positive outcome. So many existing groups have the word "against" in their name or information.
It is crucial to the universal consciousness that we focus on what we
"want" instead of what we
"don't want". Kudos to everyone who desires worldwide peace.
Peace Eternally,
Mary V.- Wheeling, IL