Mar 7, 2007

New Design

One of the first comments we got about the Friends For Peace website is that people wanted the images to be larger; well, we've delivered. Thanks to Carl's efforts to redesign the home page we now have bigger images and the slideshow is integrated into the home page. One of the nice things about this new layout is the site should perform better on low speed connections, since the images now load in a more sensible order. Over the next few days we're planning to design more of the site, to improve your experience overall. Please keep sending us feedback, we like to know how people are using the site and ways we can make it better for you.

Coding for Peace


Anonymous said...

Love it but please, try to bring back the feature that allows us to see the newest photos with just the click of a link.


Aaron said...

Actually that feature is still around, but the link is gone from the home page (I'll talk with Carl, our designer, about maybe adding it back). If you click on the search page link you will see a link to the recent images. The link is:
You can also get a collection of random images by going to:

Thanks for the feedback, keep sending us suggestions!