Jan 29, 2007

Photos from DC March, Jan. 27

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers and expert photographer, Terry, we have up many photos of those who had us take their photo at the Jan. 27 March on Washington.

We had a tremendous response at our Friends for Peace launch. We handed out all the signs we had and took more 100 people waited to have their photo taken for this site.

People have been excited to make a sign that fits their personality. Standing at the table, it was fun to talk through potential words or phrases with people and seeing what they wrote down. Some words came up more often than others. We found several people wrote "student," "mom," "Friends," and found a lot of people from Illinois, Ohio, and Vermont. (It seemed that half the state of Vermont was on the National Mall last weekend.) I hope you enjoy browsing through the photos.

Special thanks to all the AFSC staff and volunteers who pitched in to make this a great success. We did a lot of last-minute coordinating to create a Friends for Peace table at the March on Washington and we couldn't have done it without their support.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Right now, if you view "Most Recent" photos, you'll see the last 90+ are from the January 27 march.

For peace,
Friends for Peace Coordinator

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Ann Lennon said...

I love the web-site.Looking at the pictures helps me to appreciate the significance of the DC march.
Keep up the good work.